Orion Electric and Interpolation announces a capital and business partnership


Orion Electric Co.,LTD. (Head Office: Echizen-shi,Fukui ; CEO:Tsuneo Nomata) and Interpolation Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo; CEO: Michiaki Satate) have made public, the announcement of a capital and business alliance, by joining their efforts, in the development of a “One-stop IoT solution”on the Asian market.

Orion Electric, mainly known for developing and designing audio visual devices, have been aiming both the B2C and the B2B markets. In recent years, the company has shown some growth, due to the increase in demand for EMS/ODM and IoT related hardware production. Orion Electric continues to establish it’s position as a “Japanese Quality Manufacturer” based on “Core Manufacturing Technology”;manufacturing plants are located, in Japan and Thailand.

Interpolation’s corporate mission is to develop “IIoT Solutions” (Industrial Internet of Things solutions). Those new technologies are not only applicable to specific fields in the energy sector but also to infrastructure, construction and other domains. Interpolation is preparing the release of a “Network management tool”(NOCXX), indispensable for operating IIoT communication networks as well as a Data Visualization Tool (VIZIXX). Those services will be provided, partly free and will primary serve specific needs on the Asian and European market.

Interpolation is also introducing a tip solution (FLEXINERGY) that allows to improve the client’s energy efficiency not only by measuring it, but also by providing sector solutions and therefore, meeting its needs in E2E(end to end).

This new partnership, will bring the possibility to combine, Interpolation’s network among the European IoT solution developers and Orion Electric’s capacity to develop and manufacture both reliable and stylish devices.