LPWAN Logistics Solution – ffly4u


ffly4u is an IoT service of embedded information on mobile and non-powered assets. ffly4u aims to create business-value and therefore monetizable customer-value.


Indoor and outdoor location of all type of assets, material, content/container duo (geolocation and geofencing)


temperature, motion detection, shock, humidity, C02 level

Customer value enabler

Your valuable assets and goods embed business-information to enrich your business model and create your own monetizable customer-value.



We fulfill customer’s demand and needs with our innovative technology.

Needs for precise and on-going information
-Environmental data




NOCXX, Interpolation’s flagship product, is a network operating centre to build and manage reliable LPWA networks, starting from LoRaWAN. If you need control systems for a large sensor network, visit the NOCXX main site for more details.

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