Electric Consumption Sensor

A simple, autonomous solution for remote electricity meter reading, Yellow Pulse transforms a conventional electric meter with an S0 output or dry contact into a communicating meter. It allows power consumption to be monitored and an alert to be issued in the case of anomaly.

Electric consumption

LoraWAN / Sigfox

– Voltage supply
– Internal temperature
– Other customizable alerts

– Buildings
– Industrial sites
– Condominiums
– Agriculture
– Photovoltaic stations

Access safely to the key data of your IoT project:
– Optimal supervision of equipment
– API access to data
– Configurable email and SMS alerts
– Automatic diagnostics
– Mobile application for deployment

Live M2M also allows us to develop customized dashboards perfectly suited to the specificities of your trade.


  • FEED TYPE                        INTERNAL 3.6 V LITHIUM BATTERY
  • ESTIMATED LIFE                        UP TO 12 YEARS*
  • INPUTS/SENSOR                        1 DRY CONTACT PULSE INPUT
  • HOUSING                        PLASTIC ABS + PC
  • WATERPROOFING                        IP67
  • DIMENSIONS                        89 x 59 x 35.5 mm (Excl. ANTENNA)
  • NET WEIGHT                        175 g (WITHOUT ANTENNA)
  • ANTENNA                        EXTERNAL, 170 mm, OMNIDIRECTIONAL
  • OPERATING TEMP (°C)                        -30°/+75°
  • CERTIFICATION                        Sigfox / LoRaWAN / MIC JAPAN
  • NETWORK                        Sigfox / LoRaWAN
  • FREQUENCIES                        868 MHz / 923 MHz
  • COMMUNICATION                        UPLINK
  • TRANSMISSION                        UP TO 140 TRANSMISSIONS / DAY
  • PLUG & PLAY                        YES
  • RECONFIGURATION                        OTA (OVER THE AIR)
  • DATA ACCESS                        LIVE M2M / API REST
  • *NORMAL OPERATION                        2 LOGS/DAY & 25°C

NOCXX, Interpolation’s flagship product, is a network operating centre to build and manage reliable LPWA networks, starting from LoRaWAN. If you need control systems for a large sensor network, visit the NOCXX main site for more details.

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