About Us

Interpolation Co., Ltd was established in Tokyo in 2015 to provide Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) services to companies across Europe and Asia. Our particular focus is on energy management, helping companies reduce consumption and maximise efficiency across their systems.

Based in Japan, we are now expanding our services internationally, bringing the benefits of smart manufacturing and business to industrial and commercial clients all over the globe.

Interpolation is a joint venture between Japanese and French teams. Unlike many suppliers, we offer a full IoT service, including consultation, design, implementation and training. Our vision is to bring industry worldwide up to the highest possible standards of energy management.

What Is the Industrial Internet of Things?

Industrial IoT is a series of platforms and systems designed to enhance efficiency and productivity through use of data and connectivity. By allowing machinery and industrial units to share data and facilitating machine learning, manufacturing can be vastly improved in a number of areas, including quality control, sustainability and traceability.

At Interpolation, we can produce tailored industrial IoT solutions to meet your business’s energy management needs, or provide full-scale and fully interoperable systems at every point in the supply chain.

Total Energy Management

Our Total Energy Management service covers every part of a business’s operational structure, beginning with an energy audit to identify areas where savings can be made, before extensive data collection is carried out to develop a specific map of energy expenditure.

This is then fed into an action plan, which then informs the areas in which energy saving will be implemented, predictive maintenance carried out and operational expenditure improvements implemented.

Throughout the process, Interpolation are committed to delivering maximum efficiency and return on investment. For more information, please contact us using the form below.