Street Light Management – InteliLIGHT


inteliLIGHT® is a street lighting remote management system that enables automatic ON/OFF and dimming control of every street lighting fixture in the city. It provides in-depth grid awareness and real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid. Through dimming and smart scheduling, the system can reduce the energy costs up to 80% (with LED lamps). Real-time malfunction monitoring and maintenance optimization tools increase lighting service satisfaction and can further cut operational costs with up to 42%.


Street lighting control brings significant benefits to any city and community: from unprecedented awareness, control and efficiency to sustainability and smart integrations. Furthermore, inteliLIGHT® is a reliable open protocol solution that adds flexibility and an interoperability layer to the standard category benefits.


Suitable for both small cities and large metropolis, inteliLIGHT® LoRa is a very flexible and affordable street lighting control solution. It uses a simple and secure RF communication infrastructure to provide fast and cost-efficient street lamp management. Furthermore, LoRaWAN is a standardized open communication protocol that helps cities to avoid being supplier-locked when purchasing control hardware and software.


Our hardware is more adaptable and smarter than ever. inteliLIGHT® controllers use LoRa long range, high immunity, spread spectrum RF communication technology and ensure fail-safe management of every lamp in the street lighting grid as well as a cost effective, bandwidth efficient platform for other SMART CITY applications.

inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control software completes the hardware capabilities, offering full scalability for a virtually unlimited number of lamps and integrating all the processes and correlative functions needed for a state-of-the-art lighting management system.


Autonomous operation based on predefined schedules and light level sensor.
Enables individual remote management of streetlight lamps with electronic ballast up to 400W.
ON/OFF control for any streetlight and dimming for LED streetlights.
Bandwidth efficient with minimal communication requirements.
Dedicated high-security memory for encryption keys storage.
Wide range of electrical parameters monitoring: Wh, VARh, V, W, A,VAR, PF and frequency. Advanced data synchronization and notification mechanism.
Battery operated RTC, protected against unforeseen grid defaults.
External infrared interface for security keys transfer and local configuration.
Over The Air (OTA) firmware update


  • designed for retrofitting existing street lamps
  • aesthetic design
  • outdoor resistant
  • easy to install


  • designed to help manufacturers to offer LoRa-ready smart lighting fixtures
  • compact (105 x45 x26 mm)
  • compatible with most luminaire designs and 0-10/DALI LED drivers
  • digital input for sensors and smart applications
  • 10+ years average lifetime


  •  Autonomous operation based on predetermined schedules.
  • Remote ON/OFF control.
  • Measures parameters in street lighting grids: power factor, active/reactive/apparent power, voltage, current, frequency, daily active/reactive energy.
  • Offers configuration options for: current transformer ratio,voltage/power thresholds and daytime/nighttime consumption thresholds.
  • Reports any dysfunctions and errors to the central server in real-time: under/over power, under/over voltage, phase failure.
  • Inputs: 2 x Digital input.
  • Output: 1 x Dry contact relay output.

NOCXX, Interpolation’s flagship product, is a network operating centre to build and manage reliable LPWA networks, starting from LoRaWAN. If you need control systems for a large sensor network, visit the NOCXX main site for more details.

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