Business Domains

Industrial IoT Network Management / Segmented CMS Solutions

Interpolation provides the capacity to deploy a multiprotocol network and the required sensor technologies to gather all the appropriate data about a business’s energy management profile. Our solutions include dedicated Content Management System solutions.

Energy/Risk Management

Our advanced solutions enable our users to easily manage complex energy scenes at both a general and detailed level, and optimise their risk evaluations, operating costs and overall business management.

Building Information Modeling

The Industrial Internet of Things represents a revolution in Building Information Modelling, optimizing a building’s operations at the design phase and and providing detailed mapping of energy usage and waste.

Deployment and Management Systems

We provide sensor and node networks suitable for virtually every industry, and compatible multi-channel communication protocols to make them easy to manage and analyse. We can also unify multiple cloud systems to provide granular, flexible control and analysis.

Communication Networks

Interpolation will design, deploy and operate a private Internet of Things network that is optimal for your business and data usage. We can provide long range wide area network access control protocols, IPV6 Wireless Personal Area Networks and wireless M-Bus connection solutions, depending on your requirements.