Asset Trackers : ffly4u

The fflyTrack provides a GPS tracking service in indoor and outdoor, motion detection, temperature measurement, CO2 level or humidity.

All data collected by the device are accessible via a customized web or mobile platform integrated by our partner ThingWorx (PTC).

Notifications are sent in real time by email and / or message to manage your assets anytime, anywhere.

Main features
– Bluetooth LE
– Temperature logger
– 3D Accelerometer


  • IP/IK     IP66-IK08 Housing
  • WAN     Sigfox or LoRaWAN 868 MHz / 923 MHz
  • LAN     NFC ISO / IEC 14443 / Bluetooth Smart
  • Location     GNSS compliance, GPS & Glonass
  • Embedded sensors     Temperature, accelerometer 3 axes
  • Multiple mounting     2 holes for screw or rivets, sticker
  • Power supply     2 Li Battery AA 3,6V
  • Range temperature     -20°C / +65°C
  • RF Regulation     CE certified
  • Dimensions     116,6 x 43,9 x 32,1  (mm)
  • Weight     113g

NOCXX, Interpolation’s flagship product, is a network operating centre to build and manage reliable LPWA networks, starting from LoRaWAN. If you need control systems for a large sensor network, visit the NOCXX main site for more details.

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