What is NOCXX ?

NOCXX is a Network Operating Center to build reliable LPWA Networks. The first protocol supported being LoRaWAN.
As long as sensors and gateways are compliant with supported communication protocols wherever you purchased them, you can easily build an efficient professional network using our simple NOCXX service..
Gateways and sensors connected to networks can be registered and managed. Further more, NOCXX has all required functions to operate your network such as monitoring sensors and checking the quality of communication on your LPWA network.

Management of registered devices and Gateways including a Users management layer and complex alerts.

Dashboard can provide you with the communication and operating status of sensors and gateways.

Multicast function
As NOCXX is LoRaWAN Class C compliant, Push Delivery to Sensors is possible. The Multicast function facilitates Push Delivery of information too all managed Sensors.

Connect to Data Servers
Connect to a Data server using HTTP/HTTPS. You can send and receive Data through our APIs.

Monitoring function
NOCXX monitors the operation of gateways and sensors. All operation troubles will be reported to the operator by Alert emails.

Multiple accounts – 3 Levels User authority
Additional accounts can be issued by Admin Users. The Multiple account management function allows to allocate different roles to each account involved in the operation of your Network.

NOCXX Features

  • NOCXX is a network operating centre to build reliable LPWA networks. Currently, the service uses the LoRaWAN protocol,  but other technoogies will be supported soon.
  • NOCXX is primarily used as a management system for street lighting and smart meters, offering logistical management, BEMS, and energy procurement and consumption.
  • NOCXX provides a central hub point between your sensor network and any web browser via our cloud data and application servers, allowing you to monitor and control lighting networks of any size from a simple web browser app.
  • NOCXX is LoRaWAN Class A and Class C compliant, and has full multicast capacity and function. Push delivery is also possible.
  • NOCXX allows you to coordinate and connect any gateway or sensor system running the LoRaWAN protocol, letting you build an easy and professional network. You can also run and monitor the sensors and network using NOCXX, and keep track of the quality of your LPWA communications.