LoRaWAN IoT Station

The KerLink LoRa IoT Station is a rugged, long-range communication relay system that provides bidirectional communications capabilities between multiple sensors at long range. It’s able to handle up to a thousand incoming data streams from a network of IoT enabled sensor systems across an area of several square kilometres, making it a reliable one-stop endpoint for an entire factory or facility.

Interpolation supplies KerLink LoRa stations to tie together an overall industrial IoT package, providing a link between control/analytics systems and IoT sensors in the field. Our skilled technicians can quickly and easily locate the optimum place to position the station and install it during the standard installation process, saving time and effort. The station is robust and reliable, designed for outdoor use, and its IP67 casing is designed to withstand severe installation conditions such as high humidity, dust and strong winds.

The Kerlink LoRa station can handle a variety of traffic types, including SemTech’s ‘LoRa’ long range communication technology, ethernet and wireless connectivity and 2G/3G mobile data connections. This may be useful when working with high-security LANs. It is compatible with a wide range of other systems including WmBus and 6lowPan, and comes equipped with an onboard GPS system. The station runs on open source and proprietary software and can be easily customised to meet the needs of the business.

The system runs off POE (Power Over Ethernet) or via the 11-30 volt connector on the gateway, which makes it compatible with a DC solar system or similar. It also includes a backup battery which can provide up to 1 minute of power to cover safe shutdowns in the event of a power outage. Interpolation can supply either the default 15W adapter or a more rugged 30W adapter for outdoor use. Earthing and surge protection are recommended and can be fitted to the mounting system, which can be modified for horizontal or vertical mounts.

The Kerlink LoRa IoT station is a focal point of many of Interpolation’s Industrial Internet of Things solutions.


  • Name Kerlink LoRa IoT Station
  • Availability Available
  • Capacity 8 band
  • Casing IP67 (Suitable for outdoor mounting)
  • Installation Requires a skilled technician
  • Hardware Proprietary
  • Software Open source & proprietary
  • Backhaul Ethernet (UTP) or Cellular (2G/3G)
  • LoRa Bands 868MHz, 915MHz or 920/925MHz (choose correct band when ordering)
  • GPS Onboard GPS
  • Package Kerlink IoT Station, Antenna + 1m cable, PoE injector, mounting brackets for pole mounting