Multi-cloud solution

Running multiple cloud services simultaneously can grant a business a vast amount of flexibility in terms of security and compartimentalization. This can become complex or expensive quickly, however, especially when running a large Industrial Internet of Things network.

Our STACXX cloud management system gives our users a streamlined, user-friendly interface to switch instantly between clouds. This also applies analytics systems and user input to determine which of the available cloud solutions is the most efficient and cost-effective for the task at hand, similar to the least cost routing systems used in telecommunications.

Flexibility and adaptability

At the same time, Cloud Manager allows users to extensively customise their cloud solutions, as well as access to a flexible payment plan, project, server and snapshot management, control over security firewalls and systems, public IP listing control and access control authentication systems. It also includes a Quality of Service mechanism, which provides call logging, accurate service usage tracking and real-time error management systems, reducing wait time for bug reports and ensuring support staff at Interpolation have as much data as possible to fix potential errors.

The STACXX Cloud Manager is designed to operate alongside other Interpolation cloud products as part of an integrated cloud solution. Contact Interpolation today for full technical details.