We provide Internet of Things solutions to businesses across Asia, helping them to increase efficiency, streamline energy consumption and visualise and analyse essential data in order to drive growth.

Unlike some IoT providers, we offer more than simple design and concepts. We work with our customers all the way from  initial design to installation and beyond, and have full training and support services available to make sure that you make the most from your connectivity.

Our Industrial Open IoT platform

Our platform enables Customers and Manufacturers to manage Connectivity, Data Flow, Data Visualization and Data Storage efficiency. The purpose of deploying such an environment resides in the fact, managing data securely and efficiently is key.

Core Sectors


We have a strong track record in helping businesses in the manufacturing sector to improve their operations through connectivity.


Interpolation’s solutions can be integrated into existing Internet of Things systems to enhance data collection coverage and add specialised energy management functions. Our solutions are fully customisable and can be modified to meet any client’s needs.


Our engineers will be with you every step of the way during the deployment and implementation phases, and will provide on-call operational training and assistance.



The MM002-L-JP is a long range / low power wireless module operating in JAPAN ISM band (920Mhz to 928Mhz). With interferers’ robustness and low power consumption, it is the best solution for applications... More Info


Our evaluation kit provides access to LoRaWAN JP Class A & C   communication capabilities. This kit is composed of USB sticks with MM002 embedded. More Info

LoRaWAN IoT Station

The KerLink LoRa IoT Station is a rugged, long-range communication relay system that provides bidirectional communications capabilities between multiple sensors at long range. It’s able to handle up... More Info

Asset Trackers : ffly4u

The fflyTrack provides a GPS tracking service in indoor and outdoor, motion detection, temperature measurement, CO2 level or humidity. All data collected by the device are accessible via a customized... More Info

Water Consumption Sensor

Blue Pulse is a system for remote monitoring and optimisation of water networks, compatible with most meters that have a pulse transmitter (integrated or coupled to the meter). Waterproof and robust,... More Info

Dry Contact Sensor

Black One is a remote monitoring solution that fits any device or sensor with a dry contact output. Very simple to install, its waterproof and robust case makes the product particularly suitable for... More Info

Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Green Comfort is an autonomous system for remote monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity. Dedicated to the centralised monitoring of multiple sites, its compact housing and autonomy allows rapid... More Info

Electric Consumption Sensor

A simple, autonomous solution for remote electricity meter reading, Yellow Pulse transforms a conventional electric meter with an S0 output or dry contact into a communicating meter. It allows power consumption... More Info

Electric Consumption & Production Sensor

A simple and autonomous solution for electrical telemetry, Yellow TIC transforms a conventional electricity meter with a Customer Information System output into a communicating meter. It allows power... More Info