Release of a logistics management solution supported by LoRaWAN, in Japan and South East Asia.


Interpolation Co.Ltd(Tokyo、CEO:Michiaki SATATE)will start providing a logistic asset management solution in Japan and South East Asia from June 2018.


The solution will mainly enable users to track and visualize their non-energized assets by using the LPWA network(LoRaWAN and Sigfox).This technology is already available in Europe and has been introduced for various purposes such as, tracking, inventory control, automatic receipt system, cool chain, vibration motion, loading status management etc…



■Logistics Management Solution


Up to now, using the mobile band required high costs, both for hardware and communication, on top of that, the high energy consumption was the ultimate hurdle

to give access to proper operation.

LPWA solves all these issues.


2.Main functions of the hardware

①Powered by LaRa & Sigfox

②Powered by GPS、Bluetooth LE

③Powered by thermo sensor、3Axial acceleration sensor



・Usage: indoor/ outdoor

・Multi Function: Location, Temperature, Motion detection, Vibration

・Consumption efficiency technology


・manufactured in Europe
・real time accurate data

・Low introduction cost、no development cost

■Operation example in Europe

1)Outdoor drum tracking

Goods Large cables & Drums
Problem Optimize the $1Billion/Yearin shipping and handling cost
Solution Track & Manage 500 drums at any time
Effect ・Transportation process effectiveness

・Handling cost reduction of 20%

・Grasping of the project progression from the user


2)Indoor Geolocalisation + Themperature management of the goods

Current Status European leader in the distribution industrie.They wish to improve the management system precison for the thousands of fork trucks, bogies and palettes the move.
Problem The company’s budget in management of the goods and assets increses every year.
Solution Monitoring their 10 warehouses and shipping facilities
Effect ・false shipping alert

・optimization of the indoor tranportation map

・cool chain report to the client



*Interpolation’s Platform is composed of LPWA Network Management Tool「NOCXX」、Data visualization Tool「VIZIXX」and a tool enables to monitor and manage several cloud platforms from one console 「STAXX」. This one-stop IoT platform allows you control your logistics management solution without development or coding.



About Interpolation

Interpolation Co., Ltd was established in Tokyo in 2015 to provide Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) services to companies across Europe and Asia. Our particular focus is on energy management, helping companies reduce consumption and maximize efficiency across their systems.

NOCXX, Interpolation’s flagship product, is a network operating centre to build and manage reliable LPWA networks, starting from LoRaWAN. If you need control systems for a large sensor network, visit the NOCXX main site for more details.

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