Launch of End-to-End IoT platform”Interpolation Platform” in Japan and overseas


Specific IoT platform -「Interpolation Platform」has been developed and will be launched in Japan, South East Asia, the U.S. and Europe from June 15, 2018.

Interpolation Platform consists of:
NOCXX: an LPWA network management tool
VIZIXX: a data visualization tool
STACXX: a tool that enables the management of multiple clouds simultaneously.

NOCXX has been in service since November 2017 and this time by launching VIZIXX and STACXX, Interpolation will offer a one-stop IoT platform that allows more flexibility and simplicity of operation for users.

■「Interpolation Platform」
1. Outline
It took 10 years before IoT spread out through the different industries and social infrastructures in Europe. By absorbing the accumulated knowledge and track records of our European predecessors we have managed to develop a specific platform that is lighter, more flexible and easier to handle.
Today, several services are dedicated to professionals but none of them is accessible to the regular consumer.Now, Interpolation offers a one-stop function platform that unables sensing and reporting that is compatible with different API for a lower cost range.

2. Features
● Not for developers but essentially for operators and end-users
● UI/UX with a simple design/easy to operate
● No need for development or coding work
● One-stop function
● Compatible with different CMS
● Accessible price range

3. System flow
① Data collected by the different sensors are being transmitted under the respective protocols through gateways.
② Collected data are managed and controlled by the device management tool: NOCXX.
③ A data visualization tool: VIZIXX is linked to NOCXX which enables the visualization of the data through graph and other formats.
④ A storage management tool: STACXX enables the management of multiple clouds simultaneously.

■ The composition of 「Interpolation Platform」
By using NOCXX, you can easily register or delete, monitor, turn On/Off sensors and gateways necessary to build a LPWA network, from a simple Web interface.

The current version of NOCXX complies with LoRaWAN communication protocol, and once your gateways and sensors are connected to application you can build your own private IoT network.
(This fall, the management of the communication will be possible regardless the different protocols such as LTE-M, NB-IoT and Sigfox.)
As NOCXX provides a series of APIs allowing the service providers to control all NOCXX functions from their own applications, thus, users don’t need to activate and manipulate several applications at the same time.
・Service Plans
The “Free Plan” offers you a free trial period of 3 month. Then, depending on the scale of your needs a “Business Plan” and an “Enterprise Plan” are available.
Please register the necessary information at :

VIZIXX is a data visualization tool linked to NOCXX, users are able to visualize the data collected from the sensors for free.The users interface and operability have been maximized and the display features, graphs, numbers and map data as well. VIZIXX is basically a primarily tool for judging the necessity or the tendency of the data, users will then have to connect to the respective applications that we provide accordingly to their need. (distribution, environment, healthcare, infrastructure etc…)

STACXX is a multiple cloud management solution developed and built specifically by Interpolation. Data storage in IoT is a complex matter. In most cases, several clouds are coexisting according to the nature and characteristic of the data. STACXX enables to monitor the features and prices of several cloud platforms from one console. We will sequentially be connected to the public cloud services such as AZURE、AWS、OVH..

We will continue interacting with different protocols such as Sigfox, M-Bus, LTE-M and NB-IoT and expand our range of services and IoT tools through around the world.