launches a LoRaWAN compliant Network Management Tool “NOCXX” in Japan, South East Asia, USA and Europe.


Interpolation’s NOCXX service is a Network Management tool enabling to control various IoT dedicated communication protocols. NOCXX has a clear focus on the User Experience and Usability. In addition to the first version supporting LoRaWAN protocols, Interpolation is planning to expand the supported protocols in a very near future. This should include Sigfox, WMbus, LTE-M and other near field communication standards.

“NOCXX” enables an easy registration or deletion gateways and sensors within  the End-User’s proprietary IoT Network infrastructure. Furthermore NOCXX offers a full range of features to manage and monitor the End-User’s network.

Through a simple web based registration process Users are able to fully access NOCXX’s features.

NOCXX offers several Plans. Each plan addresses a specific need with the possibility to scale at any moment.

NOCXX’s plans include a “Free Plan” allowing to Touch & Try the capabilities and flexibility of the tool itself. Then, the “Business Plan” and an “Enterprise Plan” as a paid service is available for Users willing to build or monitor their IoT infrastructures utilizing NOCXX.

Additionally to the preset plans NOCXX provides features such as a series of APIs allowing Service providers to control all functions of NOCXX from their own applications.

As a Next Step, Interpolation is currently developing a Data Visualization Tool (VIZIXX) and a Multi-Cloud Server Management Tool. Our goal is to provide a single interface for operators of IoT infrastructures.


Main Functions:

  • LoRaWAN Class A & C Compliant
  • Management of LoRaWAN compliant Gateways and Sensors
  • Interface (HTTP/RESET) with Application server (Data server) through APIs
  • Monitoring of Gateways/Sensors including a complete alert notice system
  • Multi-Users authorities (Manager/Operator/User) with 3 stages.


Service Website: